The IBM Rational Intelligent Transportation Systems solution addresses the challenges with complex projects for the planning, development, deployment and lifecycle management of transportation software. Learn more by reviewing the ekit resources.

Topdanmark, a major European insurance company, documents its decision process for software destined to support production applications and operations.

This paper introduces quality management (QM), a practical, multi-disciplined approach to software delivery that helps reduce time to market without sacrificing quality in the outcome.

In a recent case study published by Insurance Networking News, mutual insurer, Amica, describes how they improved the effectiveness of their application development process by creating a new practice group that incorporates DevOps and best practices into the software development lifecycle. Straight from the trenches, Amica's Information Systems Officer shares how they: decreased non-code related build failures from 20% to less than 1%, reduced deployment of new web services from several days to 2 hours, and improved developer software setup from 1.5 days to 25 minutes.

Intelligent Transportation Systems projects in government are growing rapidly as demand increases and technology advances. Learn how to deliver successful systems and services to overcome critical transportation challenges.

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