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Application Release and Deployment for Dummies Cover

Free eBook: Today’s competitive marketplace requires the organization to frequently release and deploy applications at the pace of user demands, with reduced cost, risk, and increased quality.This book defines the basics of application release and deployment, and provides best practices for implementation with resources for a deeper dive.

Inside you will find:1) The business and technical drivers behind automated application release and deployment. 2) Evaluation guides for application release and deployment solutions. 3) Success stories from organizations utilizing application release and deployment solutions.

This video features the new Integrated Debugger that is part of Rational Developer for System z, version 9.0.1. This debugger is much more than your typical debugger. In this video you'll become familiar with the debug perspective, learn how to submit a job in debug mode or code coverage, access the full feature editor, step through a program, add, monitor, filter, label and search for variables and breakpoints, work with complex variables, easily navigate large programs using the Outline or Program Code Flow views, and use Monitor memory to display results in different formats.

This paper elaborates on this lifecycle approach. It examines 21st century DevOps through a pragmatic lens, positioning "real-world" DevOps as an ongoing lifecycle versus a point-in time handoff. It details the key stages of the lifecycle (each stage typically encompassing its own lifecycle) along with stakeholders involved at each stage. It also discusses the leadership and responsibility transitions that occur at each stage.

This white paper digs deep into the reasons testing mobile apps is fundamentally harder than traditional web or desktop applications. A collaboration by Tina Zhuo and Dennis Schultz from IBM along with Yoram Mizrachi from Perfecto Mobile and John Montgomery from uTest, these experts explore the complexities of mobile test environments, the value of the mobile device cloud, the unique role crowd sourcing can play, and how teams can leverage automation to help deliver quality apps.

Continuous testing is an effective quality management method that can help testing teams keep up with agile development.

"Ten to fifteen years ago, software delivery was a fairly straightforward process. Programmers and their managers worked together in a single location, communicating and collaborating face-to-face. Now the process is much more complex. Teams may be scattered across the globe or telecommuting. And they may include not just your company's employees but also employees from other organizations, vendors or contractors. You may be in the process of adopting agile processes and struggling to find the right tooling.
Today's IT decision makers face many challenges, like managing complex software development environments. Your teams are scattered across the globe, they may be struggling to adopt agile processes, and your stakeholder list has grown significantly. Nearly everyone - from developers to senior management - requires greater visibility into the development process, just to make sure that projects are on schedule and addressing stakeholders' needs. This whitepaper discusses how an IBM® Rational® solution can help your company build better software faster, using an integrated application lifecycle management solution designed to support collaboration across distributed agile development teams."

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