Leading companies are seizing the opportunity to build, integrate and support the next generation of applications. They’re using mobile, cloud and big data analytics in new, more effective ways to drive better business outcomes and competitive differentiation. And, to support these strategic efforts, they need the highest levels of reliabil- ity and performance from a flexible and cost-efficient IT architecture.

Automating for Digital Transformation: Tools-driven DevOps and Continuous Software Delivery in the Enterprise.
Learn why companies are adopting DevOps to speed software delivery and innovation - Understand why “speed with quality” is the real challenge of Continuous Delivery and the importance of automation - Explore DevOps best practices and automation tools in place at high-performing companies.

The bottlenecks in the release and deployment of software applications often start in the handoff from development to operations. This paper discusses how these bottlenecks can be reduced or eliminated by applying a DevOps approach to your release and deployment practices.

Are you ready to identify a path for growing competitive advantage through software-driven innovation? Taking this self-assessment will help you transform your application delivery by evaluating your current DevOps environment, practices and strategies and then help you identify choices for improvement. The IBM DevOps assessment will help you and your organization:

  • Get a baseline of your current practices.
  • Explore and outline your improvement options.
  • Gain team agreement on your proficiency descriptions.
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