Clients tell how they simplify, innovate and compete with the enterprise-grade platform for Linux.

Business agility is the ability of an organization to get to market quickly and effectively in order to solve the business problems it faces. This ability is important to both the success and survival of organizations competing within an environment where innovative and disruptive technologies emerge one after another, driving business transformation by changing and challenging the way people do business.

The mobile world and new app economy is driving change with unprecedented speed and scope—impacting the world’s most powerful economies and developing nations, changing the game for business, industries and society at large, creating new requirements and expectations that have to be addressed.

Business needs, market trends, and customer demands are forcing IT teams to deploy applications at a rapid rate. The frequency of the deployments can invoke human errors, failed deployments, and outages. This paper will guide you through seven best practices that will strengthen the way applications are released to production.

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