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Application Release and Deployment for Dummies Cover

Free eBook: Today’s competitive marketplace requires the organization to frequently release and deploy applications at the pace of user demands, with reduced cost, risk, and increased quality.This book defines the basics of application release and deployment, and provides best practices for implementation with resources for a deeper dive.

Inside you will find:1) The business and technical drivers behind automated application release and deployment. 2) Evaluation guides for application release and deployment solutions. 3) Success stories from organizations utilizing application release and deployment solutions.

This video features the new Integrated Debugger that is part of Rational Developer for System z, version 9.0.1. This debugger is much more than your typical debugger. In this video you'll become familiar with the debug perspective, learn how to submit a job in debug mode or code coverage, access the full feature editor, step through a program, add, monitor, filter, label and search for variables and breakpoints, work with complex variables, easily navigate large programs using the Outline or Program Code Flow views, and use Monitor memory to display results in different formats.

Are you outsourcing application development or considering outsourcing your new IT initiative? This interactive video discusses key considerations to help you keep your outsourcing projects on track and ensure you get what you paid for.

Learn how you can accomplish more in less time, increase the frequency of software delivery, and produce higher quality software; all without adding overhead!

Open source software is found in nearly every enterprise nowadays and it has been proven to be a viable choice for some software development projects. But don't let it's low (or zero) acquisition cost lull you into making a decision, without first spending some time determining if it's truly the right choice for your organization or project. Take just a few minutes answering some questions to see if there are other considerations that you should investigate first. 
IMT Program notes: this tool is used within the ALM and Agile Buyer's Agenda in various Buyer's Journey GTM kits, also in Science of Nurture.

Why should we bother automating deployments in the first place? What should the scope of the automation effort be? How do we get started? This white paper provides a solid introduction to these topics.

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